[L.Mentlegen's Bionicle Origins]
Name: Xynokt
Group: Abandoned Titans
Kanohi: N/A
Armor Colors: Black,Grey and Silver
Optical sensors color:Orange

Elements: N/A
Tools: Staff of transformation, Avohkii DiviPier
Pronunciation: Zai-Nokt


Xynokt, a mysterious Matoranwearing no Kanohi mask.

He traveled around different lands to find the chosen members of "Abandoned Titans", for composing them to save Mata Nui.

His staff of transformation can enhance the form of any bio-mechanicals,from a Kanohi to even a Matoran.In a way of attack,Xynokt could point his staff to his enemy,charging and transform his life power to shockwaves. Also he could transform Elemental properties to channel an elemental attack.

The Avohkii DiviPier was "created" by Xynokt using his staff of transformation to channel on the silver Avohkii with Xynokt's own power.

While Xynokt is wielding his Avohkii DiviPier(Divider Mode),the stand used in Piercer Mode was placed on his back or hip as energy stabilizer and providing an anti-gravity force,letting Xynokt to perform a fluent mid-air slash with high mobility and stability.

While Avohkii DiviPier is used in Piercer Mode,the power is charged and concentrated to the arc and the muzzle's edge,and launching an orb-like light energy blast.If the shot was triggered precisely(to destruct),it could incinerate the object hit,and "sublime" it literally. 

Pure Light power is released by this weapon from the Avohkii,but the heavy load and the difficulty of mastering makes only Xynokt be the only one who could unleash DiviPier's power extraordinarily.

Xynokt could control the extreme light power skillfully, using it to heal teammates, or destroy enemies by the coordinate between DiviPier's semi-invincibility and his steady consciousness.